Quality Lab is a third-party quality control laboratory which performs physical and chemical test for the textile, leather, shoes and related; providing technical assessment to different industries.
Tests performed are based on international standards and regulations such as AATCC, ASTM, ISO, NTP, CFR, TAPPI, among others, which guarantee reliable and accurate results.

Quality Labs strengths:
  • Prompt delivery of requested analysis results. Thus, in case of any problem encountered in garments and fabrics; companies can make the necessary adjustments based on technical support.
  • The central location provides easy access for the clients to be present during their tests, if requested.


Quality Lab S.A.C. fulfills its commitment to its clients by ensuring that results remain confidential at all times, and by adhering to the following principles:

  • Technical Capacity
  • Objectivity of the results
  • Impartiality
  • Test reproducibility
  • Process transparency

Quality Lab is responsible for the information provided for its clients in the test reports issued.
Quality Lab is committed to ensuring transparency in its operations and the results of test reports at all times, without bias in favor of third parties, itself or its clients that may affect its technical competence.


Quality Lab is committed to complying with what was agreed upon with clients according to the highest standards of quality, confidentiality, and objectivity.

Customers are Quality Lab’s force of its growth. It is for this reason, it serve in a prompt and impartial the customer complaints, to answering in the best possible way, thus strengthening ties with their customers.


Our organization’s activities, professionalism and teamwork are guided by the following values:

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